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Our role is to ensure your mission is realized to its fullest potential. 


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"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."

- Winston Churchill

We believe the mission and path of every nonprofit organization is unique.

Philanthropic Consulting Services

Capital Campaign Planning and Management

We work with our non-profit clients to improve the success of their fundraising efforts:

  • Foundation budget analysis. Definition of needs and capital campaign financial goal;

  • Examination of prior fundraising successes and failures. Assessment of positioning within the community and strengths in place to support capital campaign efforts;

  • Defining the target donor audience - both historical major gift donors and expansion of footprint into new areas of the community;

  • Formulating outreach strategies, events, and fundraising initiatives to meet  campaign goals;

  • Planning the ground game and ensuring outreach plan is executed.

Donor Relations

Existing relationships are essential to future foundation success, we ensure our clients maintain open, proactive communication channels:

  • Constructive communication with major gift donors;

  • Build and implement ongoing communication campaign to provide awareness of foundation successes and achievements including: foundation annual report and utilization of social media tools.

Event Planning and Management

Event design and execution:

  • Event planning - budgeting, thematic resonance, vendor cultivation and management;

  • Sponsor and community involvement - sponsorship strategy and pitch;

  • Event promotion - media and community outreach;

  • Day-of execution - ensuring success as event goes live;

  • Post-event wrap up.

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